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I was born in Germany and grew up bilingual. I worked for various companies in Europe as well as Southeast Asia and was never satisfied with the approach of interpersonal communication nor the numerous development limitations that working in corporate brings along. I utilised this experience to understand my needs better but also to see where I can excel. My hunger for healthy social interactions as well as my drive for perfection led me to become a freelancer and consultant who collaborates on all ventures with my spouse.

I earned my Bachelor’s degree (hons) at the National University of Ireland, Galway with a specialisation in linguistics and psychology. I attended Maastricht University, where I have specialised in neuropsychology with focus on clinical diagnosis, anamnesis, and psychopharmacology. My tertiary education, paired with my work experience, as well as my bilingual ability provides me with a technical understanding of my work; this combined skill set, paired with my passion for languages but also the aptitude for finding patterns and mistakes allows me to work with a broad range of topics.

My capability to deal with people, that my spouse lacks, make me the face of our venture. I have the required patience and skill to make our customers feel loved and can, at the same time, set comprehensible boundaries for those who are socially inept; this prevents losses but also preserves our mental health. I am organised and systematic; I do this to save my time as well as the clients. I am flexible, adjust to new situations quickly, and welcome a challenge. I exercise a direct and polite communication style as well as a strict, no-nonsense policy. I have developed a level of empathy that allows me to understand each parties standpoint, even if I do not agree. I am emotionally stable and require my environment to be the same. I intend to form long-term work relationships that serve all parties equally.


Maastricht University
Maastricht, Netherlands
Master's degree, 2017

National University of Ireland, Galway
Galway City, Ireland
Bachelor's degree (hons), 2014

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  • Neurosciences