What Kinds of Medical Malpractice Typically Result in Lawsuits?

By Bentley, George, PhD posted 10-20-2020 01:56


Medical mistakes take place at fairly high levels, resulting in hundreds of thousands of unnecessary deaths each year. According to the one scholarly journal, deaths can reach as many as 400,000 annually due to medical mistakes. If this is the case, medical errors are leading causes of wrongful death. 

Cancer and heart disease result in the majority of deaths in the U.S., with medical mistakes coming in at third place in the country. Anyone who has been the victim of medical malpractice should seek specialized legal assistance.

Legal assistance for medical mistakes

When a patient becomes a victim of physician error, it is common to seek legal advice. Some legal firms specialize in taking on clients who have experienced medical malpractice. 

For anyone who has undergone the wrong operation, experienced negligence during the performance of a medical procedure or had surgical tools left inside them, seeking help from specialists is a necessity.

Victims can approach lawyers to take on medical malpractice lawsuits at no upfront fee. Additionally, they tend to be awarded hundreds of thousands of dollars for their pain and suffering. Texas lawyers represent clients throughout the state to win cases that at least give them financial relief following medical traumas.

Incorrect patients, incorrect procedures

Physician error frequently involves the wrong patient being sent to theatre, leading to incorrect operations being performed on the wrong people. Although not all of these mistaken operations cause the death of the patient being operated on, it can leave them scarred for life. Losing a limb that is meant to be removed can result in lifelong pain and suffering.

Likewise, performing internal surgery to operate on healthy organs will lead to intense trauma that should never happen in the first place. Similarly, the right patient may be wheeled into an operating theatre for an operation on one part of the body but leave the theatre with the incorrect procedure having been performed.

Negligence during operations

Surgeons can perform an operation on one part of the body but damage surrounding organs due to negligence. When this occurs, patients may undergo severe complications and be slow to heal. 

In the process of recovery, additional long-term medical expenses may be incurred due to the physician’s negligence. As shocking as this may sound, it happens more regularly than at first believed.

Of course, when patients discover (if they do) that they have become the victim of negligence, they seek legal assistance. In such a case, it is best to seek out a firm of lawyers who will take on their case without any cost. 

Lawyers will then take payment for their services when the court awards the victim a sum of money. A percentage of this sum will pay for legal expenses without subjecting the client to further trauma over and above medical negligence.

Negligence after operations

Medical staff has been known to be negligent following operations. Either insufficient aid is given to patients during the recovery process, staff are negligent with care or the wrong care is provided. 

This type of negligence can lead to additional suffering and even patient death. Some patients have also reported that medical specialists have not provided advice on follow-up care and recovery after having undergone an operation.

Medical malpractice lawyers have also frequently been approached by clients who have proven that operations have been performed in unsanitary theatres. Moreover, many reports claim that medical staff has failed to follow appropriate procedures prior to the operation regarding sterilization and cleaning of the patient or operating equipment. 

Anyone who has experienced medical malpractice in any form should consult with experienced lawyers to obtain recompense for unnecessary expenses and suffering. 

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