Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

The APA Membership Directory is the exclusive, copyrighted property of the APA.  Any unauthorized attempt to download, duplicate, reproduce, or sell the Directory for commercial, competing, or any other purposes will be prosecuted to the fullest extent permitted by law.

Dues-paying and currently active members of APA may use this Membership Directory for the purposes described by these terms. If you are not a current member and you have obtained information from this Directory by any means, you may not use this information for any purpose, including mailing to, copying, or distributing all or any part of this information. Please see APA’s general policy on mailing lists.

Use of any information from this Directory by non-members without the expressed written permission of APA is prohibited by law and APA policy.  Non-members that qualify to license the APA Directory must comply with all terms and conditions imposed by APA and may not re-use the Directory for any purpose without further written permission of APA.

While every attempt is made to reasonably ensure that all information is displayed accurately, the accuracy and/or currency of any information found in the Directory cannot be guaranteed. APA is not liable for any member's inability to access the Directory at any time and may refuse access to the Directory to any person at any time, at the discretion of APA.

Members may only use the Directory for personal or professional contacts with other members and not for commercial purposes. Any use that is damaging to the interests of APA is prohibited. Please have consideration for the privacy of your fellow APA members and do not abuse the privilege of having access to this personal contact information.

The Directory is a tool meant to assist those members seeking others concerning their professional interests. The following uses of the Directory are prohibited:  1) transmitting the same messages to the same individuals about the same topic repeatedly; 2) mass mailings (or SPAM) to large numbers of members; 3) downloading substantial amounts of contact information about APA members for any purpose; or 4) using the Directory to compete or interfere with or otherwise adversely affect any APA activities or programs. You may not assist any non-member third party in obtaining or using ANY names or contact information from this Directory.

If you encounter any unwanted solicitation that you suspect may have come to you as a result of being in the Directory, please report it immediately to APA.

Penalties for misuse of the Directory may range from a request to discontinue inappropriate behavior, to disciplinary action against APA membership status, to legal action.

Questions about appropriate and inappropriate use of the Directory should be directed to the: 
Directory Office, American Psychological Association, 
750 First St., NE, Washington, DC 20002-4242; 
Email:, Tel: (202) 336-5582, Fax: (202) 216-7628.

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